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Barreleye successfully concludes its first exhibition at ‘CES 2024’

DATE Feb 15, 2024

Barreleye successfully completed its first exhibition at ‘CES 2024’, the world’s largest home appliance and information technology (IT) exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA on January 12th.

‘CES 2024’ is the world’s largest IT exhibition held in Las Vegas, USA and was held for 4 days from Tuesday, January 9 to Friday, January 12. Barreleye was selected as a start-up company that stands out in AI healthcare at this year's exhibition with the slogan 'KAIST, Global Value Creation' and participated in the exhibition. Barreleye, located in the KAIST Pavilion at Eureka Park in Las Vegas, provides direct demonstration opportunities to visitors and showcases self-developed AI technologies, informing the world of the advancement of Korea's medical AI technology.

The products that Barreleye exhibited at this CES2024 included Int-BUS, a breast cancer diagnosis AI solution, Int-HUS, a liver ultrasound fatty liver analysis solution, Vis-BUS, an AI solution for detecting abnormal breast lesions, and Vis-CUS, an AI solution for cardiac function evaluation. Self-developed Biopson equipment and Biopson Mini Hand-held equipment that could demonstrate this were displayed together.

At the KAIST NIGHT event held at this exhibition on the 10th from 5 PM to 7 PM, where invited investors and participating companies network, Myeong-gee Kim, co-founder of Barreleye, said, “Doctors can become more confident through Barreleye’s quantitative ultrasound diagnosis AI solution. “We will be able to make accurate diagnoses and reduce unnecessary biopsies,” he said. “We will enter the global market based on MFDS (KFDA) and FDA approval in 2024.”

Barreleye is a software company that researches quantitative ultrasound and develops AI based on the KAIST Research Institute. Representative business models include the quantitative ultrasound, Intelligence (Int) series, which analyzes the biomechanical characteristics of tissues, and the Vision (Vis) series, which analyzes images based on B mode. The company's vision is to provide medical technology that can be safely used by many people throughout the entire body, including the liver, heart, breast, and thyroid.

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